The role of the Personnel Commission is to classify all classified positions and maintain a classification plan for all positions in the classified service on the basis of “like pay for like service.” The Personnel Commission at Santa Monica College consists of five members who appoint the Director of Classified Personnel and employ Commission staff to fulfill this responsibility.

Steps in Reclassification Process


Reclassification Request Form

A Reclassification Request Form is completed by the employee or the manager.

Preliminary Review

A preliminary review is conducted by the Director of Classified Personnel to determine if a study is warranted.

Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)

A PDQ is requested from the employee or manager.

Fact Finding

Additional fact finding may be necessary by PC staff by conducting employee desks audits and interviews with managers.

Preliminary Report

A preliminary report is provided for review by incumbent, bargaining unit (if represented) and management

Commission Approval

Recommendations are presented for approval at the PC meeting, if reclassification is recommended.