SMC Student Film Nominated for Prestigious BAFTA Award

Solidarity cast & crew at the BAFTA awardsSanta Monica College student Dustin Brown’s film "Solidarity" was a finalist for a prestigious BAFTA (British Academy of Film & Television Arts) Award earlier this month. SMC was the only community college nominee.

The 10th Annual BAFTA Los Angeles Student Film Awards were held in Hollywood on June 20.

Twenty-two of the most elite film schools from across Southern California submitted up to three of their best films for consideration, and a selection panel of academy members selected six outstanding finalists.

Aside from “Solidarity,” this year's finalists were “Into the Silent Sea” by Andrej Landin, Chapman University; “Jaya” by Puja Maewal, UCLA; “Shaya” by Amir Noorani, USC; “Usagi-San” by Patrick Dickinson, AFI; and “Will” by Eusong Lee, CalArts.

The Student Film Award winner was Landin and the special Jury Prize went to Dickinson.