Student Self Service Contest!

SMC Students, Enter now for a chance to win???

Have you ever thought that the “Student Self-Service System” needs a better name?  So have we.  Now is your chance to be the one who creates the perfect name. 

Welcome to the Student Self-Service System naming contest.  We invite SMC students to submit ideas for a new name for the Student Self-Service.  The name should be one or two words, but that word can be an acronym (where each letter stands for a word and those letters spell another word.  For example, USC has “OASIS” which is an acronym for Online Academic Student Information System). We hope the name captures the spirit of SMC, or perhaps its quality as the premier community college of California, or maybe one that captures our digital universe era and SMC's global citizenship theme. But don't be limited by these suggestions; let your imagination run wild, and remember, SMC really values your contribution and participation.

The winning name will be selected by a panel of student judges assembled by your Associated Students Board of Directors.  The winning name will be selected in late January 2010 and will be announced on the SMC website under Hot Topics.  The student who submits the winning name will be notified by email, so be sure to submit valid phone and email contact information.

The prize will be $150 SMC Bookstore gift certificate.

Contest Rules:
1- Acronyms and abbreviations are welcomed but must be spelled out in parentheses.
2- Students can submit as many entries as they like, but can only submit their entries once. To submit multiple entries, separate entries by a comma on the online submission form.
3- Submission deadline is January 15, 2010
4- Winner will be announced February 1, 2010.
5- Contest is ONLY open to SMC students

Log into the Student Self Service System and look for this icon  to enter.


Student Self-Service System