Globally Yours

Here are a few things Jeanne Laurie, administrative assistant in SMC’s Modern Languages and Cultures department has learnt from her many travels around the world: what is obvious to you may not be obvious to someone in another culture and really, we’re all the same. In the last six years, Jeanne has been to Belize, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, China – and Morro Bay, Mammoth, Santa Barbara closer to home. Traveling with SMC colleagues or as a student in field studies classes has been a dream come true for Jeanne, who has had the travel bug since she was a child.

(Photos below by/courtesy of Jeanne Laurie)

  Photo By Jeanne Laurie
SMC staff member makes it to the top
  Photo by Jeanne Laurie
SMC field trip to Cusco

  Photo by Jeanne Laurie
Reading the Corsair on the Great Wall
  Photo by Jeanne LaurieMachu Picchu and Huaynapicchu  

  Photo by Jeanne Laurie
Prof. Tarvyd at Montana de Oro State Park
  Photo by Jeanne Laurie
Geographic field studies trip


This winter, students studying Intercultural Communications with Dr. Nancy Grass Hemmert and Physical Anthropology with Dr. Catherine Haradon went to South Africa where they found the nation’s true wealth: its people. A few highlights: guest lectures on apartheid at the University of Cape Town, visiting Johannesburg and historic sites like Robben Island, hiking to the top of Lion's Head peak, and a safari in the 7,500 square mile Kruger National Park.

South Africa by Nancy Grass Hemmert

  South Africa Nancy Grass Hemmert
SMC students on a day tour of Cape Peninsula
  South Africa Nancy Grass HemmertAt the entrance of Sterkfontein Cave  

  South Africa Nancy Grass Hemmert
Catherine Haradon with a lion cub
  South Africa Nancy Grass Hemmert
In South Africa, Study Abroad Winter 2015

English Professor Carol Davis taught a weeklong series of classes on contemporary American literature and creative writing, in Buryatia State University in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia Republic, Siberia, Russia. The experience was “deeply satisfying” and being in a region largely inhabited by Buryats, an ethnic minority related to Mongols reminded her of the diversity of her students at SMC and the privilege she has of exposing them to new literature.

Photos below courtesy of Carol Davis:

Photos by Carol Davis Photos by Carol Davis

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