Dancing Through Cancer

In mid-November, Allison Arjarun walked into the sunlit SMC dance studio with wonderful news: the metastatic cancer, she announced, was in remission. Her doctors are confounded. Allison attributes at least part of the miraculous turnabout to her joyful work at the barre—and other life-affirming pursuits at SMC. Read More

Alec Bodolay

Alec to the Rescue

Many Corsairs “get by with a little help from their friend,” Alec Bodolay, an international student from Rio de Janeiro. Read More

Stella Singleton-Jones

Art Therapy, New Life

Stella Singleton-Jones nearly lost her life to meningitis—but it brought her back to SMC, where she made a sculpture for the Obamas. Read More

Summer Le

Finding Her Voice

When Summer Le left her homeland, Vietnam to pursue an education at SMC, she wasn’t counting on finding her voice. Read More

Elliott Gould

Bragging Rights

An instructor in a new Eddie Murphy movie. Elliott Gould. Green films. A professor reunited with her horse during the Tick Fire. Read More

Carlson Hatton

Making a Community Visible

Art Professor Carlson Hatton talks about his art project for Metro’s Hyde Park station, his students, and the parallels between creating and teaching. Read More