Universal Language

Amanda Sanchez, Interaction Design

Stockholm native Amanda Sanchez quit her job as a sommelier to travel the world. But once she landed in Los Angeles, she found a home here and — thanks to SMC — a future in interaction design.

After a fellow Swede introduced her to SMC, Amanda was excited to start classes but unsure of what field to pursue. A writer in her spare time in Sweden, she harbored a drive to create but felt limited by language.

A couple of graphic design classes sparked her interest and, as she advanced in the program, she found a new creative outlet in visual design — specifically interaction design. “There are other ways to express myself than just writing, and they’re universal.”

After completing her associate’s degree, Amanda will become one of the first students in SMC’s Bachelor’s Degree program in Interaction Design. When she learned about the new program, “it felt like the stars were aligning for me,” she says.

“I was drawn to web and interactive work because of their human component,” she adds. “Interaction design combines the human element with my creative side.”

Amanda gained experience working on the SMC Design Technology department and Interaction Design program websites, as well as through an internship at design agency Eat.Sleep.Work. She also found a mentor in Interaction Design faculty leader Jamie Cavanaugh. “She’s definitely a big reason why I’m so sure of what I want to do with my future,” Amanda says.