Academy of Entertainment & Technology/Film Productions

Abraham Ross

“SMC is a fantastic resource. It was incredibly beneficial for me, because it allowed me to mature in a comfortable and exciting environment.”

It’s just possible that Abraham Ross doesn’t dream like most of us. His dreams might deal with bloody stumps where heads used to be, with alien lifeforms making ectoplasmic messes, or bloodless teens chowing down on human brains. “In a cheesy, Pollyanna-ish sort of view, I would ultimately become the next John Carpenter and produce horror films,” says Abraham. But his passion for things like goblins and ghouls escaped him for a spell.

“I transferred to USB from SMC, graduated with honors, and got a scholarship to McGeorge School of Law. And when I graduated from there, it was OK for a while. But then in about ’08, the economy started going bad, and I just got frustrated. The law just wasn’t cutting it for me.” So Abraham left his work at a nonprofit and—after further frustration in the legal arena—reappraised his options. “If I’ve learned one thing in my life, it’s that you might make a ton of money doing something you hate, but you know you’re going to be unfulfilled.” So Abraham came back to SMC—under full steam—and landed at the Academy of Entertainment & Technology, where he’s rediscovering his passion for making films. Ghoulish though they might be.

“I’m now becoming competent in editing and post-production, and taking other classes as time allows. I’ve already produced several snowboarding films,” says Abraham. “And my goal now is to keep making them ever more professional.” He says that “everything at SMC feels like we’re all in it together, and that goes for the teachers, too. I had Eric Gerds for an editing class, and he’s fantastic! Approachable, affable, and knowledgeable. You won’t meet anybody who knows the technical aspects of editing better. You learn from people like him for an incredible price,” adds Abraham, “and believe me, I’m finished paying the ‘big bucks’ for school.”

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