Alexa Fraser-Herron “I feel like I’ll need five different lifetimes to do all I want to do here. But SMC is a great, great school – hands down.”

If enthusiasm for life were dollar bills, Alexa Fraser-Herron would have a stack that would reach the moon. “I want to make enough money so I can travel, be happy, make art, design costumes, and clothing… Oh! There’s just so much I want to experience!” says the bundle of energy who came to SMC in the fall of ’98.

“I’ve had just the perfect stay here, and it’s been incredibly fun being an Art major – it’s the best,” she says. But she also tempers her love for the arts with a sober perspective. “I’m a little bit worried, because I know that art is certainly no guarantee of a stable income. But I hope to get some impressive degree and at least be able to teach somewhere,” she says. “There are so many directions I could go from here, but I know that SMC has been the perfect place to start and get settled on my ultimate goals. I’m in a completely different place than I was a year ago.”

Alexa credits one teacher in particular for the positive changes she’s seen in her art over the past year. “Anne-Marie Karlsen has made my time here completely worthwhile,” says Alexa. “I’ve had Drawing I and II with her, and she teaches another big juicy class – Art Theory in Practice – that I haven’t been able to sign up for yet. From what friends tell me, it’s really heavy stuff, so it’ll be bigger than anything I’ve yet taken on,” says Alexa. “But I’m already doing work I never thought I’d do, and I’m very happy with it.”

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