Energy Efficiency

Alexandro Martinez

“Nah, I didn’t like school all that much. As soon as I graduated, I thought I’d just get an entry-level job somewhere. SMC changed all that.”

“My family could see the change in my whole attitude. They could see it in my face,” Alexandro Martinez said of a recent and enormous shift in his fortunes. “They know that what I’m doing now is what I want to do for the rest of my life. And once I’m done with graduate school at UCLA, I’m going to be at a very good place in that life.”

The ‘life’ Alexandro envisions for himself has picked up a lot of velocity at SMC. “What I’m doing now is totally focusing on overall sustainability. I completed the Recycling and Resource Management program last year, and now I’m into the Energy Efficiency program, which is all about photovoltaics,” Alexandro continues. “I want to get into Urban Planning, and SMC really opened up this path for me. I learned from a friend of mine at National Public Radio that the SMC was offering an 18-unit certificate course in my specialties. What a great coincidence!” he says with a laugh. “My last day at the job that I then had was actually my first day of being back in school. I just fell in love with my new studies and with the college, and I’ve been intensely happy about where I am ever since.”

Alexandro currently works for SMC’s Recycling department and volunteers at the Center for Environmental and Urban Studies (CEUS) on Pearl Street. “I think I’m one of the most involved people in the Green Movement on campus. And volunteering is a key thing. Because I volunteered at the Bike Park here, I sold my car and became a completely avid biker. At SMC, there are just so many and surprising ways that you can change your life. For the better!”

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