Film and Journalism

Alfredo Hurtado “All my friends in Mexico told me that if I was going to study in America, the only place to get started was SMC.”

If you want to take a little walk through the imagination of Alfredo Hurtado, just go to his website ( It is—oh, what’s the word?—unusual. “Who knows, man? Maybe I’ll even meet someone if people start checking out my site!” says Alfredo with a laugh. You’ll quickly see that he’s one very creative guy, and the creative fields would seem to be his destiny. “I either want to get into journalism or be in TV in front of the camera. I’ve done a little bit of both back home in Mexico City,” he says in flawless English. “But Journalism is my first love.”

Alfredo states, “I’ve studied English since I was about three, and I actually prefer to write in that language.” And though he’ll have no linguistic barriers to hurdle during his American education, he still shares a lot with others who come here from abroad. “As an international student, I’ve found two huge advantages in being at SMC,” he says. “First, there are so many other international people here that there’s not much of a culture shock. But there’s also a ‘small community’ vibe to the place, so it’s easy to stay in touch with your teachers and friends. It’s not like UCLA, which is, like, a small country!”

Although Alfredo comes from a city of 25 million, there were still times when he felt overwhelmed. “And that’s when the teachers here are at their best,” he says. “Pretty much all of them have been surprisingly nice. More like friends, really. Like my English teacher, Kathryn Pope, from last semester. I can still call her and ask her to proofread what I write. And she’s always just said, ‘Alfredo. Whatever I can do to help….’ ”

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