Early Childhood Education/Broadcasting

Allison Borgeson

“It’s the early years in life that really shape all of us. And if a child doesn’t have an excellent teacher during these times, that child is simply destined for failure.”

“I came here from out of state, and found that SMC was just ridiculously affordable. And I love this area and the beautiful campuses, and I absolutely fell in love with this college,” says Allison Borgeson. “My boyfriend and I just decided that we’ll be taking classes here for the rest of our lives. They’re that good!”

Allison says, “Initially, I wanted to become a newscaster. But then I became a nanny and fell in love with children. And though my two primary interests might not seem to be related, they actually are. Ideally,” Allison continues, “I’d like to do something like producing educational TV for kids, and somehow combine my two passions in life. And in my classes with Dr. Tamar Andrews, I’m learning that this might just be possible. She’s an absolutely phenomenal teacher, and she reveals to us how the human brain actually goes about learning. There’s always a lot of storytelling and sharing, and she incorporates a lot of audiovisual and multimedia components, because she knows that we—just like children—all learn on so many different levels,” says Allison. “And in this way, I think she’s a wonderful and effective teacher for us all.”

Allison has a pretty ironclad plan mapped out for her future; one that she hopes will involve the futures of many children. “In 10 years, I want to be running my own preschool based on my philosophy of how children learn. My dream is to generate enough income—through my specialty schools in upper-class communities—to enable me to open other schools in lower-income communities and places where I think programs like Head Start are just not getting the job done. I simply want to give every child the maximum opportunity to learn.”

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