Amit Kumar “It was pretty bad when I wasn't focusing on school. But now I'm putting all my effort into studying, and life is a lot better.”

He allowed himself to get a little bit lazy, and the cost he paid for that lapse really opened his eyes. “My friends were almost all doing extremely well at SMC. I was the only one falling behind, and I felt ashamed about it,” says Amit Kumar. “But I’ve changed my ways, and I don’t party so much. And my family is very happy to see this change in me.” Change has certainly been a constant in Amit's life.

“I came here five years ago from Punjab, in the north of India, near the Himalayas,” says Amit. “My whole family came, but when I started school, I felt very lonely—like I was the only Indian. But after a couple of months at SMC, I became friends with everybody—Indians, as well as people from different backgrounds. It’s like a big family here, and this college is a great place to make steady friendships.” Amit says that his ultimate goal is to study medicine and become a doctor.

“I’ll be going into pre-med studies as soon as possible, but right now I’m doing a lot of work with computers. In medicine, you have to use computers to do almost anything, and you get excellent training at SMC. I had Mr. Rahni for CIS, and I think he is the best. And the computer center here is for anyone,” he continues. “If you don’t have a computer at home, you can always get your homework done right at SMC.”

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