Anders Viktorsson “I’m just taking 12 units, because I wanted to find out how everything works at SMC. It’s important not to overload your first semester.”

In his fifth week at SMC, Anders Viktorsson was reveling in the California Dream. “I went as an exchange student to the US from Sweden, but it was to Rochester, New York. There was fierce wind and ice storms – just like Sweden!” he reports. “So I decided to go to college in California, where there’s sun and beaches. And that’s something I love about SMC: There are so many things to do around here. And little by little, I want to see the whole West Coast.”

Anders joins a large contingent of fellow Swedes in the warm sun at SMC. But it’s more than the promise of sun and surf that draws them here. “One of the best things about SMC is its transfer rate to UCLA, which is something I discovered on the Internet,” he says. “This college makes it easy to transfer and—if my grades are good enough—then I want to go on to UCLA and study Business. It’s my dream to set up my own company someday in Sweden or in the US.”

Anders admits to “missing my friends and family in Sweden a lot. But I know they think it’s good that I’m doing this. I like being an international person, and you can find all the nations of the world at SMC,” he says. “And I think I’m going to make a lot of good contacts here that will help me a lot later when I’m doing business.”

Anders adds a piece of advice for new students at SMC. “I think it’s great if you’re very specific in what you want to study,” he says. “But if you’re not, don’t be afraid to shop around a little. Nothing you study here will ever be a waste of your time.”

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