SMC Alumna, Lonely Planet Author / Photographer

Andrea Schulte-Peevers

“I’ll always have a soft spot for SMC. The times I spent there before UCLA were among the very best years of my life.”

Adventure. Extended travel across all continents. Encounters with live volcanoes and wildlife such as sharks and elephants. Fifteen years of pounding the world’s byways while working on over 60 travel guides for Lonely Planet and racking up some of the best—and worst!—travel memories imaginable. “I’m an experience junkie,” says Andrea Schulte-Peevers. “And truly, much of what I’ve done sprang from my time at SMC.”

It was being the editor-in-chief of The Corsair that gave Andrea her first shot at journalism. “I got referred by our great adviser, Charlie Donaldson, to a local lifestyle magazine, where I also started as an intern, and ended up as the editor. From there, travels followed quickly, and when I realized that Lonely Planet hadn’t done a book on my native Germany, I wanted to know why. And I was told, ‘Well, why don’t you write one?’ So I did. And that was many miles and moons ago.”

Andrea now lives permanently in a large apartment in Berlin with a “very strange cat and a crotchety husband.” And she had one foot out the door for her latest book on the United Arab Emirates. “Honestly, the preparations and opportunities that SMC handed me gave me the chance to live the kind of life that few will ever experience. But it’s not always a dream job,” she says with a laugh. “There are some rough days on the road, and even tougher ones at the computer. But I’ll always be grateful to SMC for letting me discover what I feel I was born to do. Thanks, SMC!”

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