Annie Bird “There’s a major at Berkeley called Peace and Conflict Studies. When I tell people that’s what I want, they say, ‘Oh, great. You’ll starve!’”

If Annie Bird were one to listen to the naysayers, she wouldn’t be what she is: a literal force of nature. “Being the liaison between the Associated Students and the SMC Board of Trustees—and being able to provide the student perspective—has been an amazing learning experience,” says Annie. “But I’m always involved in something, like sitting on the Coordinating Council, putting on Lobby Day, or promoting the Racial Harmony events last year. That was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, I can tell you.” But Annie’s Churchillian efforts have paid off handsomely, both for her fellow students and herself.

“I got selected to be a Dale Ride Intern this summer in DC, and there are some very cool possibilities I’m looking at,” she says with real ‘can-do’ enthusiasm. “One of the positions is in the Office of Political Affairs in the White House, and another is in Vice President Cheney’s office. And if I got chosen for a spot in the office of JC Watts, I’d be in great company,” says Annie. “His legislative assistant also happens to be a former Dale Ride Intern. The whole process,” she adds, “helps us to define how we can contribute to public policy.” But Annie’s not quite certain she’ll jump into the arena of elective politics.

“Politics has always seemed kind of shady to me. I mean, a lot of stuff I’ve done in the past has been very grassroots. And international issues are a very big interest of mine; things like human rights, race relations, and conflict resolution.” So Annie, armed only with her Spanish and her optimism, may one day be an ambassador for SMC in countless global hotspots. “But wherever I end up, I’m always going to remember this college,” she says. “It’s just an absolutely amazing place to learn and grow.”

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