Anthony Estrada “The AET campus is amazing! You get exactly the information that you need, the technology is great, and the teachers are awesome in giving you direction.”

“I’m just a freshman here, but I already love it,” says Anthony Estrada. “I could have gone to another college right next to where I live, but SMC just feels so much better. It was actually a friend of my grandmother’s who told me about this college,” says Anthony. “You just never know where the influences on your life will come from.” And another influence on Anthony’s life—which you might suspect if you look carefully at that chiseled jawline—is his father. “Yeah, okay. Eric Estrada is my dad,” says Anthony. “And he’s totally excited for me because going to college is something that he never got to do. He’s always asking me what’s happening in my classes.”

Anthony’s involvement at SMC’s Academy of Entertainment & Technology has presented him with a slew of highly technical and challenging courses, he reports. “I’m taking Principles of Game Development and I’ve learned what Final Cut Pro can do; an extremely good editing program. For one of my assignments I created my own iPod commercial, where we recorded everybody in the class dancing. Then I black-silhouetted that action and put it all to music in the iPod. It’s pretty cool.”

Anthony says that with what he’s learning at the AET—and given that his family has a certain amount of show-biz blood—he hopes to make a career in the Industry. “I wasn’t a very good student in high school because I had some problems with teachers,” he admits. “But that’s all changed now, because the teachers I have at SMC are really dedicated and committed. They explain all the new technologies so well that I just easily understand them and apply them. And with all the new things I’m learning,” he adds, “I think I’ll be ready to make my own mark in Entertainment.”

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