Neuroscience / Premed

Aviv Meshulam

“I chose SMC because I knew it was a place of incredible opportunities, where I’d be in a smaller facility and get lots more one-on-one attention.”

When you speak with Aviv Meshulam, you’ll discover a very thoughtful young man with a deep appreciation for his homeland, Israel. Its people, culture, beauty, and struggles. “My family is all there, and they’ll stay on because it’s a real home. Very peaceful, in spite of all the problems you keep hearing about. Lots of these problems come about because it’s the holiest land in the world, and everyone wants a piece of it. All sides just see what they want to see. But beyond that,” Aviv adds, “Israel is a very beautiful place. You might think that it’s completely dry, but there’s a lot of very green land, though some places are purest desert. But there is so much history—everywhere!—that it’s a very eye-opening experience for anyone.”

Aviv says that neuroscience is his definite chosen field. “And USC is my definite choice for transfer. But I’m learning so much from my SMC professors, a lot of whom are MDs and PhDs, and come from schools like Harvard and Stanford. And I just recently started in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program. This is a program where SMC is partnering with UCLA,” explains Aviv. “This will give any student a lot of deep experience in any of the STEM fields. And that means you get to do a lot of research before you even begin studies at a university.”

Aviv—like many another international student—says, “It’s been kind of difficult to keep up my relationship with my family, other than through Skype and emails. But I know that I made the right choice in coming to the States to study. And I’m very happy to be at SMC, because the Science department here is so very, very good. Plus,” he adds with a laugh, “the weather here is perfect, and we’re right next to one of the best beaches in the world!”

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