Betty Wong “Whether you know what you want in life or not, SMC is the place to come and explore.”

“The students here are super,” says Betty Wong. “They’re here because they want to be and most of them feel SMC is the place. And I will have to agree with them,” she continues. “Because I’ve taught elsewhere and there’s no comparison.” Betty has taught math for 20 years and says that her colleagues in SMC’s math department “are always excited about working with their students and making the best material available to them.”

“Math is an area that everyone will find an application for sometime in their life,” says Betty. But she’s aware that its study can also be intimidating to many. “And our whole department is aware of that,” says Betty. “Some instructors even run ‘math anxiety’ workshops to help students overcome their fears. And we have excellent tutoring available all over campus,” she adds.

“Another thing that really impresses me about SMC,” continues Betty, “is the effort made to recognize every ethnic group on campus. We make sure that every group is represented by some kind of cultural event during the school year,” she says. “And I think that makes everyone feel comfortable. SMC is a place where students are encouraged to come to their instructors for help. We’re here to help them build self-esteem and make those crucial breakthroughs.”

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