Brenda Antrim “What I’d really like to see is much more interaction between the faculty and the library. We can make their lives—and the lives of students—better. But it’s got to be a partnership!”

Librarians: They check the books out; they put the books back on the shelves, right? Wrong! Dig a little deeper into SMC’s ‘knowledge bank’ and you’re going to find people with almost unbelievable resources that they can provide you with. People like Brenda Antrim want you – faculty and students – to know that you can talk in the library. In fact, it’s your first duty to do so.

“I’m the contact point with instructors: I’m waving my hands at them constantly, shouting ‘What do you need?’ This library is here to make sure that everyone at SMC doesn’t have to do everything on their own,” says Brenda. “Instructors wondering about how they’ll teach a new class only have to come over and talk to us. And we’ll tell them ‘Okay. Here’s the material you’re going to need.”

Brenda considers her background in the military, as an intelligence officer briefing commanders in a Tactical Fighter Wing, as not untypical of librarians. “There’s a stereotype of librarians as being staid, boring people,” she says. “But you’ll be very surprised about what librarians can be up to. We aren’t there to simply help you when you’re stuck—what we do is to help you avoid the quicksand altogether.” Joining faculty committees, putting the SMC Library ‘flag’ out there, and showing people around the campus library, Brenda espouses the direct approach that she learned in the military. “If you want information, talk to me. If you don’t ask, we can’t tell.”

SMC Librarian Brenda Antrim began full-time at SMC in Fall ’99. Welcome!

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