Theatre Arts

Bruna Naspolini “The spirit of the Brazilian people is a happy one. No matter how much money they have, they take pleasure in just living. They love life!”

She was thinking about what she calls “my love, my passion,” and reporting that a great deal of it was unfolding nicely for her at SMC. “I want to be a stage actress, and though I had studied for a year in Rio de Janeiro, I wanted to go abroad, learn the language, and have new experiences.” Bruna Naspolini says this in excellent English, a language that she adds to her native Portuguese and her grandparents’ Italian. “I came to SMC because my brother came here to study International Business and told me it was a great place to start out.” But starting out for Bruna—in any of three languages—brings her to the ‘stage’ of her life which exactly fits her.

“I adore Shakespeare and Chekhov, and I just did a play here called The Journey of the Fifth Horse, where I played a young woman who is very naive, but whose spirit is so great that she cannot be hurt. I learn about a lot of life while I’m acting, and it’s just lovely!” Bruna gives credit to her teachers who helped her explore her potential, and who are sweet and professional, all at the same time.

Bruna has determined that her small jaunt northward from the warmth of Brazil may not end simply in Southern California, but possibly in even more ‘frosty’ and competitive spots. “I’ve been auditioning for placement at Juilliard in NYC, and I might even get to study in Guildford, England—all because of SMC,” she says. “I think a lot of international students might want to find out what they are capable of at SMC,” she adds. “This is a place that really opens your mind to the rest of the world!”

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