Caesar Chowdhury “Anybody that’s starting college should go to SMC. It’s fascinating, it’s beautiful, and it’s the right place to start.”

When Caesar Chowdhury landed at SMC from his native Bangladesh, he was bewildered; a new country, a new system, a new language. “I didn’t know what classes to take or which way to go. Everything was so confusing,” he recalls.

But fortunately, SMC’s International Education Center was there for Caesar, as it is for so many international students who are practically inventing an entirely new way of life. “My counselor, Lydia Casillas, is the greatest woman ever. She helped me from the day I started, and she has been my guide whenever I’ve needed one.”

It was Caesar’s uncle, back home, who gave the young man the boost he needed to come to America. “He pushed me to come to SMC by saying, ‘If you come back with a good education, you can do something for your country.’ Right now,” continues Caesar, “the political situation at home is very bad. There is corruption everywhere in the government, and if the opposition party makes trouble, the police come and take them away. So I cannot think of staying in the US; I must go home, because my country is poor, and I have responsibility. SMC has made me feel this way in my heart,” adds Caesar. “I may not be the most talented person, but if I can help one person at home who needs me, I will feel that my life was worthwhile.”

Caesar is studying business and American management systems that he hopes to employ in his family’s business. “We need to plan for the future in Bangladesh," he says. “And I would like to help our future be a more stable and peaceful one.”

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