Theatre/Liberal Arts

Carolina Yamamoto“Advice for the students here? I don’t know. I’ve just barely started at SMC, and I need a lot of advice myself!”

‘Citizens of the World’ abound at SMC, and Carolina Yamamoto is a striking case in point. “Yep, I was born in Brazil, and I have Japanese ancestry,” she says in perfect idiomatic English. “So then my parents moved to Florida, where they still live, and I live in California. But we’re all Brazilians, and so I quite naturally speak Portuguese as my first language.” But it was the ‘language’ of the Internet that landed Carolina at SMC.

“We’d just moved to America, and there were so many incredible changes going on. Culture shock doesn’t even begin to describe it. I had no idea what to do next. But then I heard from a friend of a friend that she’d been to SMC, and that she loved the experience. So I went to the SMC website (, and I loved what I saw there. It was so cool!” says Carolina. “And my dad said, ‘We’re gonna pay out-of-state tuition no matter what. So just go wherever you want.’ And I thought,” Carolina continues, “I haven’t been out to LA, so why not? And here I am!”

Carolina is indeed in the hotbed of media, entertainment, and arts, and is currently dipping her toes into ‘The Industry’ in general. “For a long time, I thought that I’d like to get into theater production and design. But I’m now in an acting class, and it’s so much fun. I can’t even believe that people actually get paid for doing this. So acting may be a new direction of mine. But one thing is certain about America: Your life here can take you anywhere.”

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