Caroline Brigge “Hopefully one day I’ll have a profession where I both travel and work. That’s the ideal combination.”

If there were any rough edges left on Caroline Brigge’s English when she arrived here from her native Sweden, they were quickly polished off in SMC’s ESL program. “Emily Lodmer is a great teacher who taught me more English than I ever learned in my life. She was both fun and I had respect for her,” says Caroline. “She always took time after class, if I was a little bit confused. And when she graded our papers, she made comments on them—everywhere!” she adds with a laugh. “She really made me think.”

Sailing smoothly along in the English language, Caroline is now free to give thought to the career she wants to build. “I believe I’ll be in fashion merchandising but I think I’ll need to consider advertising too,” she says. “If I open my own store some day, I’ll need to know a lot about all phases of the business. And when you’re working for yourself, you cannot limit your knowledge. You must know everything.”

Caroline has worked in fashion “all around Europe” and hopes to make her way home to Sweden, eventually. “My mom misses me a lot, but she’s very happy I’m making something of my life,” she says. But just now, her life in California provides enough excitement to keep her from being homesick. “I love the campus here where there are so many people of all ages,” she reports. “And I love to go traveling around here. I was up in the snow in the mountains over Christmas, and I’ve been hiking in the desert. California seems to have everything going for it. There are just so many possibilities.”

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