Cathy Trimble “In my heart, I’ve always felt that any waiter or waitress is just as good as anyone in the so-called professions.”

There are State Boards in February to prepare for and a lot of “gut-it-out” classroom work to go through still. “I’m just finishing up the Nursing Program,” says Cathy Trimble. “And I feel lucky to have gone through a training that is so hard to get into, but, boy! Am I pooped!” So Cathy is going to go slow for a little while and let the fact of her SMC accomplishment sink in a little. “Then I’ll see what direction I go in next,” she says.

“I was only thinking about education in general, not becoming a completely pre-packaged tradesperson, when I came back to school,” says Cathy, who returned to the classroom after 15 years. “I was never a career-minded person. I’ve worked in sales, at a gym, in bookkeeping: you know, a little of this and a little of that. I just never felt that—without a career goal—I was somehow less a person.” But an initial anatomy class sparked something in Cathy, something that got her through some ensuing tough times.

“I was shocked. I was stunned. The books were like reading Greek,” recalls Cathy. “I’d read for hours and understand nothing. But there was a really sharp gal in the class—also a returning student—who took me under her wing. And eventually, it all got a little easier. It was like building a muscle,” Cathy continues. “Over time, you begin to see progress and get the faith you can do it. And I thank God for that because, for a while there, I sure was discouraged.”

Cathy literally makes a point of thanking God, in her church, whenever she can. “It’s always a rest for my heart to pray,” she says with a chuckle. “Especially after one of my ‘monster classes’ where we have to read ten chapters a week.”

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