Chantaya Mayberry “Everything I’ve done at SMC has helped me to grow, because I’ve always found my way to resources I needed to help me feel secure here.”

Let’s just trot out a few of Chantaya Mayberry’s bona fides to start: President of SMC’s Amnesty International chapter. Longtime member of Adelante, EOPS, and the Black Collegians programs. Chantaya is a fearless young woman determined to take whatever life presents her with by storm. “I’ve wanted to do everything I could at SMC at as fast a pace as I can keep up. And that’s because a transfer to a great college—especially now with all the budget cuts—is my first priority. So I want my transcript to look glowing!

Chantaya has taken advantage of nearly every opportunity SMC has provided her with to set her ‘a cut above’ when being evaluated by the admissions people at universities. And she reports that the counseling at SMC has been one of her most ‘profitable’ experiences. “I’ve seen, like, probably 13 counselors here, and they have all helped me out in terms of finding out the direction I want to go in.” But Chantaya singles out one particular counselor for special honors. “Oscar Galindo—who teaches Counseling 20—is the very, very best. He’s completely honest and straightforward, but also has explained to me things that I just never thought were possible. He showed me proof of what SMC students have done, like going on scholarships to private universities, and even to Ivy League schools. He was always completely encouraging, and provided me with more information than I ever had from anyone at SMC.”

It’s Chantaya’s plan to “get my PhD in Philosophy—and that’s something Mr. Galindo also taught me. Just major in something! It doesn’t have to be your career. But Philosophy lets me learn about myself and humanity. And one day,” she continues, “I hope to lead an organization that helps people in whatever city I live in, as well as underprivileged people around the world.”

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