Charlie Marriott “I love the theater department here and the people are easy to make friends with. And the teachers? It’s almost like they’re over-qualified.”

He played Hamlet just last year in his senior year of high school. And he’ll admit his current hairstyle resembles Yorick’s skull more than it does the melancholy Prince of Denmark. “Well, I shaved my head because of the hot weather back home in Arizona,” said Charlie Marriott. “But I’m gonna let it grow: It gets downright chilly here in Santa Monica.” Charlie is a ‘character,’ and that’s just fine with him because that’s how he plans to make his living.

“I’m an actor and I’ve been in the theater all my life, since I was a little kid. Theater is a passion of mine, and I want to take it a little further and eventually be in films and direct them.” To make this part of his dreams come true, Charlie is focused like a laser on entering the film and acting programs at UCLA. “I came an awfully long way to go to school there,” says Charlie. “And when I talked with the people in the programs, they told me very definitely to come to SMC, because this college has the number one transfer rate to UCLA.” And Charlie reports that, already, his two years at SMC feel like they’re slipping by.

“The teachers that I’ve had are even more helpful than the ones I had in high school, which really shocked me,” he says. “They want me to do well, and they’ve actually shown a lot of interest in giving me extra help whenever I’ve needed it. And I think that talking to the teachers here is the real key,” he continues. “You should get all you can from them because they’ve got a lot to offer. And nothing beats having personal contact with the people you learn from.”

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