Chava Chezar “First I transfer, and then I go to medical school—anywhere! It’ll be tough, but I’m confident.”

You might think her name hints at a Latino heritage. But nothing could be further from the truth. “I’m an Israeli with dual citizenship, and that’s an advantage because… I get to be an Israeli!” says Chava Chezar with a great laugh. “But seriously, my country was only born in 1948—out of nothing—and now we’re a first-world country, which is why I’m so proud of it,” explains Chava. “My greatest hope now is that we have peace. And giving the Palestinians a homeland seems like the only solution now,” she says thoughtfully. “And then we’ll all have to somehow get along. I mean, we’ve done it with Jordan and Egypt, so I think we’re smart enough to get along with Palestine.”

But though her thoughts are frequently of home, Chava’s attention is normally focused on her progress in the sciences at SMC. “I chose this place because four-year colleges are very expensive and don’t offer as many night classes to working people,” she explains. “Also, there are the online classes like the Chemistry 11 I took, which was… challenging, to say the least, but also very convenient. And the night classes are equally as good as those in the day because they’re taught by many of the same teachers,” says Chava.

Biology, organic chemistry, indeed all the sciences, are what Chava devours on her path to medical school. But one standout class for her was one far away from the stink of formaldehyde. “I had a Sociology 2 class with Bob Myers that was just amazing,” she says. “It was based on the early ‘60s and what was going on in the American South, and there was a lot of interaction and videos. Fascinating. I feel that I’ve been incredibly lucky with my teachers at SMC.”

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