Psychology/Adelante Program

Cianna Guerrero

“I had English with Mr. Markarian, and he was excellent. He taught us so much about both reading and writing, and I can highly recommend him.”

She was in her second year at SMC, and chose the College for some very simple reasons. “I live, literally, a block away from the College, and with the reputation it’s got, where else would I go?” said Cianna Guerrero. “But I also love the environment here, and how clean and new it all looks. And I think the teachers are extremely good, and with all that I’m learning, I’ve seen a lot of very positive changes in myself. I’ve done a huge amount of growing in the past two years.”

Cianna’s study of Psychology is motivated by some very personal reasons, she says. “I’m going in this direction because I really love helping people, especially teenagers. Because when I was a teenager, I had a lot of issues. Like family, school, and with myself. A lot of self-esteem sorts of things,” she says. “And because of my own experience, I feel like I’ll really be able to relate to the problems that teenagers are struggling with. I know that I’ll be very helpful in addressing those struggles, and helping teens to find the right path.”

Cianna has set what must be some kind of record at SMC. “Yeah, I’ve seen more than 20 counselors here, and they’ve helped me in more ways than you can imagine. And I’m also in the Adelante program and the Black Collegians, both of which give me great opportunities. They each have classes set aside for them when all other classes get filled up. And I love the fact that they also offer free tutoring. There is so much assistance that you can get at SMC,” says Cianna. “And it all adds up to me feeling very positive and confident.”

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