Collin Green “I think I’ve managed to turn SMC into a four-year school.” ​

“I failed miserably when I tried to load up on all the ‘groovy’ courses at once,” says Collin Green. “But I’ve gotten my discipline up to an acceptable level. And solid F’s have become solid B’s on their way to solid A’s. SMC is a great place to start. Or to start over,” he adds. “You can have a bad semester and then completely turn it around. If you mess up, it doesn’t mean you’re dead. There’s always a way back in.”

“I’m now totally focused on photography,” Collin says. “I want to learn all aspects of it, graphic arts included. Computer imaging is going to be critical to understanding the process that happens from the time I hand a shot to an art director to the time it finally appears in a magazine,” Collin explains. “Being a photographers is a lot more than snapping off your shots these days. You need to be very ‘business wise.’”

Collin feels that the SMC Photography Department is terrific: “Robert Jones, George Phillips, Brian Leng are all top-notch guys,” he says. “It’s a really active campus for photographers. And the personal attention you get here is really conducive to inspirational activity. It helps your critical attention to know that, on some level, you’re personally connected with your teacher.”

Collin has traveled with other SMC shooters on a department trip to Ireland. “We shot an awful lot of film over there, and it was great practice,” he says. “It was like being a writer who writes poems every single day in Paris. And Ireland can be a very mystical, inspiring place.” Collin specializes in shooting waterfalls and says, “shooting gets me out in the wild. And I always feel good when I hear that shutter going. There’s just something very esthetic about that sound.”

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