Communication/Black Collegians

Cree Nixon

“Oh my gosh! In our club we have Latinos, Jews, Europeans, everything. It’s just an incredible mix.”

Cree Nixon has one very creative name. Which actually befits her. “You see, there was this TV show in the ’80s with an actress named Cree, and my mom just loved the name. So that’s me. But if you think my name is ironic,” she says with a laugh, “you should meet my sister, Kennedy Nixon!”

Cree is an obviously free spirit; just check out that hairdo, which has to be one of the world’s wildest. But when it comes to plans for her future, she is absolutely brass tacks. “I want to go into Communication because I’m a ‘talker.’ I even got in trouble in kindergarten because I talked too much. But over time,” she continues, “I realized that people were actually listening to what I was saying. I don’t mean to brag about this, but it seems to be a skill that I was just born with, and I want to utilize it to the maximum.”

Cree advises any and all SMC students to make themselves aware of all the rich resources that are available to them. “Counseling, financial aid, the clubs…. There are just so many opportunities available to us here. And probably the best thing you can do is to make networking a part of your life. I mean, I go to the SMC website, and that’s where I can check with my fellow students and find out how they feel about what’s going on in their lives. You just never know who you’ll meet at SMC, and how you might find your perfect collaborator for projects—on down the road—you might never have even dreamed of!”

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