Forensic Science

Crystal Brown

“There’s absolutely nothing about SMC that feels like you’re in the 13th grade. Nothing. My research showed me that this college is actually a complete university at every level.”

She’s just a ‘toddler’ at SMC, but a distinctly ‘investigative’ one who is already making great strides in her perceptions of what life is all about. “I love San Diego—dearly—because it’s so beautiful. But I came to realize very quickly that it’s only a place to settle down. It’s not really a place where you can find challenges and make something of yourself, because there aren’t enough opportunities,” said Crystal Brown. “So I chose to come to Santa Monica, which is not really LA at all, but offers all of the best things that people think of as being LA. And I knew that I could really stretch out and expand myself at this college. Certainly, because it’s the Number One transfer college to the entire UC system. And I knew that there would be nothing that would compare with the excellence that I’ve discovered here.”

Crystal also recently cast her ‘investigative eye’ on one of SMC’s phenomenal success stories while heading to class. “I was on one of our free buses, and I saw something that touched me so heartwarmingly. There was an American girl and an Asian guy, and they were talking about a mile a minute. And I’m like, ‘Wow! So many people here from so many countries and cultures!’ And the community surrounding the College is just like that. All of the world coming here to live and learn and, perhaps, to stop being so suspicious of one another.”

Crystal further says of her chosen path, “A future in Forensics might seem to be a strange and stressful one. But it’s also a fascinating field, where you continually learn about all the things that the body and mind are capable of. There is always a puzzle to decipher at a crime scene, and critical and analytical thinking will always come into play to solve these mysteries. Forensics, I think, will always be the focus of my life, because science—and the exploration of human behavior—are things that I’ll always want to be… investigating.”

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