Daniel Kwak “I like to learn about life,” says Daniel Kwak who has been to England and France with SMC’s study abroad program. The semesters in Guildford and Nice have not only given him the opportunity to gain first-hand experiences of two cultures much different from his own, but also to get rid of common misconceptions and prejudices.

“I wanted to go to other countries, but not just to visit. To me, Europe is not just a vacation spot. I want to understand the country, the culture and the people,” Daniel says. “The programs are great because the classes incorporate the country into your studies. In France, we studied French, and also learned about French art and cinema. And you also have to deal with everyday life.”

Daniel who spent a total of ten months in Europe, believes that the study abroad program has helped him mature. “I’m not as ethnocentric anymore. The American system works, but other countries do too,” he says.

He hopes to continue his “study of life” in France and possibly even the Soviet Union “to see how it is on the other side.”

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