Psychology/Black Collegians

Darleishia Verner “Being a student just means being disciplined. Everything you’re doing is ultimately going to affect you, and you can’t help others unless you can help yourself.”

“Oh, my gosh! Professor Doucet is such an amazing teacher!” replied Darleishia Verner when asked about the quality of her SMC instructors. “He’s laid-back, but also really sophisticated and intellectual. He’s always dressed casually, but there’s nothing casual about the way he teaches. He’s able to help us to understand argumentations, and he points out the good—and bad—in what we write. He’s a very positive person to have as a professor.”

Darleishia was in her “third and final year at SMC. And I’m really excited to be transferring to Cal State LA. I’ve changed so very much at SMC that I feel I’m completely ready for the move. In high school, I was always on the honor roll, but I never put a lot of effort into my studies. It just wasn’t challenging to me,” she admits. “But at SMC, the teachers I’ve had have been very serious about what we learn. And whenever we’ve had trouble, they were always willing to give us extra help, as long as we showed them we were willing to work!” Darleishia adds, “Being in the Black Collegians simply inspired me. My work there includes contacting new students and making them aware of our programs and our clubs. I try to get them information about all the scholarships and workshops we offer, as well as anything else pertinent to helping them achieve their goals of where they want to be.”

Darleishia’s own goals include “owning my own psychology practice, because people have always come to me to talk about their problems and to get advice. But I’d also like to work in the political field, being an activist for equal rights for everyone. And I’ve learned about how important equal rights are as an issue from people at SMC from different countries and different cultures and religions. I’ve learned that no matter how different we may seem to each other in many respects, all people have the need to be treated as equals in this life.”

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