Communication/Black Collegians/Transfer Center

Daron Bryant

“OK, I’ve got a few more classes to go, but I know I’ll be ready to transfer to Cal State Long Beach next year.”

Daron Bryant is a student worker in SMC’s Transfer/Counseling Center, and reports being excited about his own transfer to CSU Long Beach. “Yeah, I’m gonna be going down there on a college tour organized by SMC. We’ll all get on a bus to get there, and then get a really personal introduction to the college.”

Daron reports that being a student worker has also been a very fulfilling time. “I have to say that one of the best things about the job,” he says with a laugh, “is that check at the end of the week! But I also get to work with a lot of other students and help them out. And our supervisor—Julia Gothold—is just great to work for. She doesn’t just sit behind her desk and stare out at us. She talks with us all, and really interacts well. She is just a very cool lady.”

Daron says, “Getting involved at SMC will make you feel a lot more successful than if you just show up for class. And you’ll find your way to a lot more resources and support. I’m in the Black Collegians, where I’m the Director of Publicity, and also the Secretary. And it’s been really important for me, because I love being around a lot of types of people. I learn from them, and I’ve also learned about leadership.”

Daron states, “I decided to go into Communication because I’m good at putting people at ease and fixing problems. I’m not exactly sure where I’ll end up in the entertainment industry,” he says. “Advertising, movies, TV. The field is so broad that I think I’ll be able to have any number of choices, and all of them exciting.”

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