Academy of Entertainment & Technology/ Music & Film

“I have a laptop and a massive internal drive, because you must always be backing everything up. And get ready for a whole lot of caffeine.”

The above advice was offered as a couple of ingredients for success to students just arriving at SMC. But David Gillick himself is no ‘newbie’ to the College. “I’ve been studying here for three or four years, because I have a lot of interests that just seem to eat up my time. But I’m finally putting a lot more energy into my projects at the Academy, and now I feel like I’m making some real progress.”

It’s in the world of film and music that David plans to carve out his niche. “I’ve always loved music, and I’ve always loved film, so I consider it my ‘job’ to figure out how the two fit together. A lot of people,” he continues, “will go to a movie and get blown away by all the amazing visuals. And most of the time they don’t even realize what the music sound track is adding to their experience. Just think about it… really great composers can—through their music—make you feel all kinds of emotions. They can cause you to be afraid, they can make you laugh, and they can make you cry. Music is almost like a parallel universe that goes along with any story that you’re watching on the big screen.”

An accomplished musician who plays both trumpet and piano, David says, “Beyond studying about how to score films, I also do a lot of simply composing. And a lot of my teachers at the Academy have been real professionals at the top of their game. And another plus of the Academy is all the technology that’s available,” he adds. “And there’s always a teacher available to help you out when you’re struggling. It’s just perfect.”

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