David Moradi “By starting with the workload at SMC, you learn how to prioritize your time. That prepares you for all the studying you’ll be doing later.”

“To tell you the truth, I’m really happy I didn’t go to UCLA—or Berkeley, where I got a full scholarship,” says David Moradi, a.k.a. ‘Mr. Science.’ “I got into all the UCs except UCLA, and at first I was very upset. I still plan to go there, but for right now, thank God that I’m at SMC. It would have been a lot tougher going to UCLA right out of high school. At SMC, I get to experience all these different campuses, all these different people. And the professors here are amazing,” David continues. “This is a really great college.”

David has taken on the study of the sciences at SMC with a nearly religious fervor. And he confesses that—at times—it’s about all he can handle. “The sciences here are extremely tough, I gotta admit that,” says David. “I took Bio 21 in the spring semester, which everyone tells me is the toughest class in the whole college. And now I’m in Bio 22, and Organic Chem with that, which is a real load. But I’m working hard and doing well.”

When David does make it to UCLA—and he will—he reports that he’ll have some of the best scientific instruction offered anywhere to back him up. “My friends told me, ‘Boy! Wait until you get to UCLA to do your science classes. But the sciences at SMC are incomparable, and I fully wanted the challenge.” It’s his fervent goal to “become a gum specialist in dentistry, and do jaw surgery and braces for smaller kids, because they’re a real cause with me. In fact, I’ve been teaching Bar Mitzvah to kids for the past five years. How to read from, and sing from, the Torah. They actually become my friends,” says David. “And that’s what I plan to do in my profession. I want to keep my patients for a long, long time.”

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