David Roque

“I meet people from so many exotic places here: Brazil, Asia, Africa. It makes me want to travel to see these places and learn about their people.”

Samuel Johnson wrote, “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” And these words are some that David Roque might well take to heart. “There are so many different cultures at SMC, and I really want to take the time to explore them, learn from them, and then—someday—maybe get to travel there and see it all first-hand. But until I do,” he adds, “I get to explore all of this at the College. It’s the whole world here!”

David is a first-generation college student who says that “for me, not going to college was never an option. And when I looked around at what was available, all of the ‘arrows’ seemed to point to SMC. Cheap enrollment and great location and transfer rates… and the instructors? I’ve just been amazed by how directly connected they all want to be with you. They just seem to care a lot about you and your future as a human being. Like Carol Fuchs,” adds David. “I have her for English, and she teaches us in detail about what we’re writing in our essays. And at some point in life,” David continues, “writing skills may kinda slide because you have other people doing the writing for you. But right now—and as a student—I need to learn how to write extremely well because I’m expressing myself.”

David, scientifically wired, culturally curious, and driven to immerse himself in the mysteries of medicine as an anesthesiologist, says that SMC has been a true discovery on many levels. “It’s just dirt cheap to go here for the quality of teachers you get. These teachers? They’ve got real generosity. Whenever I’m in a class here, I just know that the teachers are gonna be completely prepared. And that just always gets me excited to come here.”

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