Game Development

Dean Taylor “One of the best things about SMC is that it’s all so clean. I’ve been to other schools where the dirt was annoying.”

He was in his first semester at SMC and reported that he was already liking the changes he’d seen in himself. “It’s for sure that I’ve been doing a lot of growing up here,” says Dean Taylor. “And I like being around a lot of other people who are really adult. Maybe the biggest thing I’ve learned here is that you have to do the work. I really messed up in high school because I thought I already knew what they were teaching me. But at SMC, you honestly have to perform.”

Dean is learning to be a performer at the main campus, the new Bundy Campus, and at SMC’s Academy of Entertainment & Technology. “I like going to classes in all those places, but I guess the AET is the best for me,” says the devoted gamer. “My favorite professor there is David Javelosa, who I have for my gaming class. He’s the kind of guy who really speaks the same language as us students, so you never feel like you’re being taught at. Plus, he’s a real professional as well, and he’ll bring in tapes of things he’s actually created. It’s exciting stuff,” continues Dean “And unlike my high school years, I really look forward to getting to class.”

Dean states, “I know a lot of people in games like to shoot it out, kill the game characters, and blow things up. But that’s just not me. I’m a lot more interested in the older arts—like storytelling—where you get your whole identity wrapped up in the game and it becomes intellectually a lot more challenging. Literature,” adds Dean, “is still the greatest ‘game’ going on.”

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