Interior and Architectural Design

Deanna Marinelli

“My next ‘chapter’ is coming up soon. It’s crazy and exciting. But I’m really gonna miss SMC when I move on.”

She’s very bright, charming, funny, and… obsessed! “Yeah, it does sometimes feel that way,” said Deanna Marinelli with a great laugh. “It all began when I decorated my apartment, and I got so consumed with it that my roommate finally said to me, ‘You’re obsessed!’ But actually, I’m just completely fascinated with what’s possible to create in any given space. Colors. Light. Structures… there is so much to know, and I really want to learn about it all.”

Deanna says, “SMC has allowed me to validate myself in ways I never thought possible. I never really applied myself before coming here, and I’m just now learning about all that I’m capable of. In fact, I’m getting pretty much all A’s now! And I’ve become very serious about my studies, because whatever I create and put out there in the world is going to have my name on it. And I want to have that professional credibility. And I will! Because I’m going to know Design through and through.”

Deanna says that “counselors and the advice of my teachers have been the key to whatever success I’m now having. Like, in my Design class with Jo Hao, she told us that if any of us had questions about what our futures in the field might be, we should just come and speak to her after class. The result is,” Deanna continues, “that I learned all about what classes I’ll need to take it to the next level, like CAD. And she told me all about which credits will transfer, so I’m saving a ton of money. Jo has been a real asset in my education, and I think she sees in me someone who has a real passion for learning.”

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