Desiree Rios

“I just discovered that SMC has a club just for pre-med, dentistry, and pharmacy students. You can bet that I’ll soon be joining up with them.”

SMC to UCLA to USC. That’s the perfect ‘trifecta’ that Desiree Rios is determined to make her game plan for the future. “Yep, I’m going to UCLA to do my undergrad work, and then on to USC for my graduate degree in Pharmacy. I know it’s going to be a grueling amount of studying. And money!” she says with a laugh. “But I really love the Sciences, and I’m very intrigued with the opportunities this field will offer me.”

In her second successful year at SMC, Desiree could report seeing incredible progress in herself. “From my first semester up until now, I’ve become a completely different person! My perspective has changed so much, and my study habits have improved incredibly. And most of this comes from our teachers. They teach us not only whatever subject they’re involved with, but also how to be a well-rounded person. They just seem to really care about us,” Desiree continues. “They all want us to transfer and succeed. And that’s another thing that I love about this college. There’s always a real camaraderie that you experience here with your peers and your professors. We’re all involved in this wonderful laboratory of ideas, and I think that is really, really cool.”

Desiree states, “The diversity that I’ve found at SMC never ceases to amaze me. I have friends from Sweden, Korea, China... all over the world! And the resources here are also incredible. I mean, I’m always in the Transfer/Counseling Center, and I’ve used the Math Lab and free tutoring. And when you buy that little AS sticker,” she adds, “it gets you involved with so many other things at the College. Including being able to ride the bus all over town. For free!”

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