SMC Staff

Diana Cox “Too bad I can’t just live on campus.”

“Whenever I’m involved in an education system,” says Diana Cox, “I find that I’m much closer with my kids. But I know that with all the time I spend at SMC, they sometimes think I live over here.”

In explaining her “near resident” status on campus Diana says, “I love SMC. And I’m fascinated by the administration and the changes they make. There’s always something new and exciting to look forward to,” she continues. “But I like that because there’s never time to get bored.”

A recent promotion has Diana thoroughly immersed in her work with personnel. “We do the testing, classification studies, salary surveys, anything that has to do with classified people,” says Diana. “And at SMC, I feel like I’ve come to a place geared to its people. There’s a lot of encouragement here,” Diana says, “to go out and better yourself.”

Diana is enthusiastic about Staff Development Day and the recently implemented Reading Program for classified staff. “I feel like there’s every opportunity here for us to just go out and learn what we need.”

Diana adds that she “looks forward to being an old grandmother returning to school” at some point. But just now, raising two children, overseeing a girl’s softball league and bowling serve to occasionally pull her away from the campus. “But all the changes at SMC,” says Diana, “make you feel like you have to be here. Or you might miss something great.”

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