Donna Lynn “Our Corsair advisor, Barbara Baird, is a real pro. She could work anywhere in news, but she'd rather teach at SMC.”

When asked when she started at SMC, Donna Lynn laughed out loud and said, “The beginning of time!” The confessed media vagabond has worked for alternative newspapers, a TV station in Idaho, and as a host for public access talk shows. “I tended to always do stories with a positive slant; New Age or metaphysical sorts of things,” she says. “But I also had on a lot of politicians like Richard Riordan and Maxine Waters. All that was a lot of fun and a great education.” But Donna realized that it was time to make her ‘education’ a bit more focused and professional.

“It feels good to be back at SMC after all these years, even though the money thing is a little bit of a struggle,” she says. “But I’m back here now and working at the Corsair to perfect my writing and reporting skills. Then I’m going back out into that big world of broadcasting.” With her nose for news, Donna has a great talent for being around the big stories. “Among my favorite stories for the Corsair was one we did on the SMC student who died in the TWA Flight 800 crash,” she says. “But I also got into the courthouse for jury selection for the latest O.J. Simpson trial. There’s never a dull moment in news.” But Donna is actually finding her most exciting ‘story’ in the SMC classroom these days.

“When I was here years ago, there were no computers, and it’s difficult in the working world not having that kind of experience,” she says. “I was hoping computers would just go away,” she adds with a laugh. “But now I’m working with them every day. I've learned Windows, Word, Access, Excel, the Internet—I’m hooked! And what you find at SMC are people—and the technology—that really prepare you for the working world.” That’s the scoop from Donna Lynn.

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