Math Teacher

Edgar Marroquin

“One reason that I decided to become a math teacher is because I want people to know that math’s not something to be afraid of. It can actually be a whole lotta fun.”

He’s actually somehow managed to turn SMC into a four-year college, has Edgar Marroquin. “Yeah, it’s really a struggle to get classes in these dark times, and I have to work part-time to pay for my classes. So work eats up a bunch of my time. But I’ve been able to schedule a lot of my studies at SMC around my ‘other life,’ because the people here do everything they can to make that possible for working people. I love this college for so many reasons. Like its beauty, the friends you make and keep, and the professors themselves.”

One teacher that Edgar gives a singular nod to is “Professor Konya. I was always excited about being in his classes, because he made even the most difficult equations—can I say this?—fun! He is so enthusiastic about his teaching, and always gave us elegant examples of complex problems and how to solve them and get correct results. And it was also a serious lesson for me about how a teacher can stand up in front of a class, and actually have everyone leaning forward to listen to what’s being said. He will always be a model for me.”

While preparing for his imminent transfer to the CSU system, Edgar has already become a teacher. “I teach PE and basketball classes, and I use what I’ve learned at SMC to inspire and motivate my students. I’m not exactly a ‘slam dunk’ size of a guy,” he says with a self-deprecating laugh. “But I’m definitely strong when I go to the hoop!” Edgar further states, “I’ve seen so many changes in my life during my years at SMC. Not just in terms of my academic life, but also in terms of how great teachers can create great futures. You can find them everywhere here. And one day—maybe before too long—someone out there will be coming to this college to study with me.”

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