AS / Black Collegians

Emmitt Rivers

“I help. I plan. I put on specific fairs and events. I just do whatever I have to do to get students connected with all of SMC’s services.”

Emmitt Rivers wants you to take that short flight of stairs up to the AS offices in Cayton Center. And he wants you to demand to get answers and help and advice. “I’m Director of Student Services here, so I plan, train our people, and fund a lot of the events that happen on our campuses. But I can also explain—to anyone who takes the time to ask—all of the incredible services and resources that SMC makes available to everyone. But you have to ask!” he says fervently.

Emmitt says, “I’m having a lot of fun in this position. I just think that being involved is a really big part of life at this college. I’m getting good grades here, and I’d have to say that being in the Black Collegians has really focused me and made me more intense. They showed me how to get on the right path to where I need to go. And I get to meet a lot of very smart and dedicated people.” Emmitt adds, “When I transfer, I’ll be doing so as a double major: Film and Political Science. My Number One choice is USC, because it’s sort of my family’s school, so Mom and Dad are really pushing me to go there. And I do not want to let them down.”

But Emmitt wasn’t always the driven guy he is these days. “In high school, I just kind of floated by. But through the Black Collegians, I met our counselor, Cassandra Patillo. And she’s the one who helped me to clearly understand what I needed to do at SMC. And now I give 100% in everything I do here. She actually gave me the ‘roadmap’ to transferring. And to my future as a political film maker.”

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