Academy of Entertainment & Technology/Web Design

Eric Oxenberg

“The incredibly expensive art schools just can’t compete with SMC. We have instructors here who’ve worked for 10 to 20 years in the fields they’re teaching in.”

As is the case with any ‘webonaut,’ you might just want to meet Eric Oxenberg at his website ( “Yeah, it’s my own company, and—after years of being involved in graphic design and art directing—I do almost all Internet work now. The first time I was at SMC was between ’81 and ’83. But I always seem to come back here, because it’s such a great, cost-effective, and local resource. I think I’ll always be a continuing student here. It’s actually the only way I can keep my skills up to the level I need them to be, and still keep working.”

Well said, Eric. But then his continuing immersion in the vast offerings of SMC has never been a ‘vacation’ from the real world. “Currently, I’m in Web Design 2 and 3, and 3 is basically about project management, where our entire team from the program is essentially going to rebuild the Academy’s website. We’re going through all the steps required: concepts, development, visuals. Basically, anything that you’d need to do for a rebuild of a medium-to-large website. We’re budgeting, doing asset management, and making proposals to the client—which is basically SMC!” says Eric. “If we were doing this for a private client, it might involve costs of up to $20,000! So the College is getting a good deal. But so are we, in terms of experience and worldliness.”

Eric has ‘fired wide’ in the ways he’s taken every opportunity at SMC over the years. “I took two online classes last spring from the Computer Sciences department. And they were tough. But my advice to people who want to study at SMC is this: If you’re serious, just study the way the College works, and this will always give you the best opportunities to learn, be it online, part time, or—in some cases—for your entire life.”

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