Eric Yoshida “The best teacher I’ve had was Dr. Masada in physics. It was exciting in his class because he always made it fun to learn.”

The next time you see a T. rex bite the head off an attorney, you may be watching the handiwork of Eric Yoshida. “I’m most likely going into robotics with applications in animation and animatronics; maybe designing for Disney,” says Eric. “I’m graduating from SMC this year, and I’ll hopefully be transferring to Berkeley.” And when Eric hits that Bayside bastion, he’ll do so with enormous knowledge of what makes a great school ‘tick.’

“It’s been wonderful being the SMC Student Trustee, and it’s been teaching me a lot. I’ve learned how to conduct meetings and stay in touch with the whole campus,” says Eric. “But the biggest part of my position is getting good information and then passing it along to faculty, students, and staff to make sure everything’s going well with the College. It’s a big responsibility because I meet every month with the Board of Trustees,” he continues. “The whole College is there, and I give them insights into what the students are doing and what concerns we have. And they really listen to me, because it’s their mission to work for the education of students and make sure that they can successfully transfer.”

Eric states that “the best way to get the most out of SMC is to get involved, join a club, and use your student government. When you come up to the second floor of the Cayton Center, you’ll find all of us there representing students. If you’ve got problems or concerns, we’ve got answers.” Eric has lately found a unique way to promote AS awareness. “Yeah, we go to all the campuses and pass out pizza. Then, after the pizza, we tell everybody what we can do for them and ask them to put us to use.” Pizza and answers: a hard combo to beat.

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