Broadcast Journalism

Erica Entin “I live really close to another college, but I chose to drive over here instead. SMC is more like a college community than a community college.”

One of these years you might turn on the tube, see that beaming face, and hear her say, “And that about wraps it up for the news at six!” “I don’t have to be an on-camera anchorwoman necessarily,” says Erica Entin. “I just want to be involved with the whole process of broadcasting the news. I think it’s very important that people be informed, and I just want to help present the news in a way that’s unbiased and fair.”

In her first SMC semester, Erica is well aware that mastery of the English language is required if she’s to succeed on the air. And she reports having found a really good ally at the College. “Chris Meeks is a very excellent English teacher, and I always feel good when I arrive at his classroom at the Airport Campus,” says Erica. “He’s a really nice man, and he makes the classroom a lot of fun because he lets us all get involved. It’s a lot easier to learn,” she adds, “when you’re hearing a lot of opinions that other people have.”

Erica says she’s “a very independent person who doesn’t like going to my parents for help, even though they’re more than willing. I just like figuring out my plans for myself.” Her current plans include a transfer to USC after just a year at SMC. And she reports that she’ll definitely be well prepared for it. “I find myself liking the hard work you have to do at SMC,” she says. “I’m getting a lot more focused and involved with my schoolwork, and I’m taking classes that are so much more interesting than anything I did in high school. And the best way to find the best classes for you is to talk with other students. Learning about the experiences of others can be a really big help.”

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