AET/Graphic Design

Erin Ealy “I’ll never give up Art because it’s what I love. I can’t even imagine working for the rest of my life at something that makes me miserable.”

Her first name might give you just a small hint that Erin Ealy is somehow connected to Ireland. “I’m actually teaching myself Gaelic to keep in touch with my Irish side, and I’ve wanted to visit Ireland for the longest time.” But along with the Gaelic language, Erin is learning skills at SMC’s Academy of Entertainment & Technology that will prove a lot more practical in the short term. “I’ve been working here in animation, but now I’ve changed over to graphic design. I think the job market is better in that field, but both of these areas of study are related,” she says. “So it’s possible that I’ll be able to move between them both.”

Citing Rembrandt and daVinci as artistic ideals, Erin also admits to loving cartoons. “I just think humor is important in every area,” she says. And she’s certainly found good sources for that rare commodity in Academy classrooms. “Steve Brown is a very light-hearted, energetic, and funny guy,” says Erin. “He somehow manages to keep people laughing and amused in his drawing classes, so that time passes quickly. And Jim Keeshen—who I thought was going to be very strict—is hilarious! But he certainly knows his stuff about storytelling.”

Erin says that she wants to transfer, but that “right now I just need to go to work and get that job. I could possibly work in advertising or applied design. But I would really love to illustrate book covers, so publishing is also a ‘possible.’ But whatever I do, I want to take my art as far as I possibly can. And I feel that SMC has allowed me to do that in many, many ways.”

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