Political Science/Music

Ernest Gordon “Employers everywhere expect you to be well-rounded. And the education you get at SMC really broadens you out.”

Ernest Gordon chose SMC for some very pragmatic—and some very touching—reasons. “I came here because it’s incredibly cost-effective, and I could finish my transferable credits at a much better price than I could at a CSU or UC. Plus, it allowed me to stay at home,” he says with emotion. “My mom was going through some really hard times with kidney failure. So I thought I should just be here for her. But now she’s getting back on her feet, and things are a lot better, so I feel it’s time for me to move on with my career goals.”

And move on Ernest definitely will. “I’ve applied to out-of-state schools such as the American University, George Washington University, and Georgetown, plus a lot of California universities; UCSB to UC Berkeley. What’s really important to me,” he says with a laugh, “is to get out of LA!” But wherever he ends up in the near future, Ernest plans on the double mastery of audio engineering and political science. “I want to be able to engineer my own music, in order to come up with my own ‘sound,’ and not just rely on the input of others. And I’m studying poli-sci because I have a passionate interest in journalism. And rather than simply focus on being a good writer, I want a deep understanding of politics, so that I can reach my primary goal of being a political journalist.”

Gordon says, “SMC has been an extremely positive experience for me. I’ve learned so much self-discipline here that I just didn’t have before. My study skills and vocabulary have been greatly enhanced. And through taking so many different kinds of classes, I’ve gained a much greater appreciation for college and learning in general. From online classes to working with the best computers and programs at the AET campus,” adds Ernest, “SMC will insist that you grow as much as possible during your time here.”

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