AS Commissioner Student Services/Communications

Esmeralda Salguero “In your mind, you can just never give up. And I see that in a lot of students at SMC: that hunger to transfer and move on with their lives.”

She’d only been at SMC a little over a year, but felt that she was firing on all cylinders. “Just now, I’m the AS Commissioner for Student Services, and I love the feeling of involvement,” reports Esmeralda Salguero. “I got into the AS through working with the Sustainable Works program. That’s where we learn and teach about living responsibly in an urban community: How to use less water, how to reduce your electricity, and just how to treat the Earth with respect.”

But not everyone has the passion for the environment that Esmeralda does. “A lot of people in my community are so apathetic, and it really saddens me sometimes. As soon as they leave their houses, they start throwing their trash around,” she says, with genuine anger. “This is my neighborhood, as well as everyone else’s, and it’s up to all of us to respect our world and each other.” But Esmeralda wasn’t always as focused as she is now on being an advocate for the environment and the quality of people’s lives.

“I was really kind of iffy about being in school when I first got here. But then I met Professor Mitchell, who I had for Communications. She kind of cornered me—but in a very nice way—and she sat me down and told me, ‘If you really want to do well here, find out what your passion is, and then you’ll never go wrong. Find your passion. And then you’ll be filled with all the motivation you’ll ever need to transfer, to get your degrees, and to end up doing in life exactly what you were born to do.’”

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